Hassan Hajghassem

Angel Investor in Technology

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Fueling Innovation, Empowering Ventures

We Catalyzing Global Tech Collaborations by Connecting Visionary Investments with International Opportunities for Empowered Growth.

Welcome to my digital home, where technology, innovation, and investment converge. I’m Hassan Hajghassem, a professor in electronics and MEMS, and an angel investor deeply immersed in the dynamic realm of technology startups, catalyzing growth, propelling innovation, and connecting visionary entrepreneurs with vital resources. In collaboration with like-minded angel investors, I harness high-tech startups’ potential, empowering emerging tech companies in Iran. Our mission is clear: to cultivate boundless innovation, paving pathways for global stage success. Join me on this journey to uplift Iranian technology—whether an entrepreneur seeking guidance or an investor with shared vision, explore the transformative possibilities ahead.

– Hassan Hajghassem



So far, We have invested in several teams and companies; we are fond of their progress and keep supporting them to achieve their best.

Nabz Group

Producing and Commercializing Several Medical Device Products and Platform


Experts in High-Tech Hardware Development with Several Products


A Powerful Software and Web Developing Team with a Fruitful Portfolio


A Subsidiary of DiDAB, Developing and Commercializing Digital Dentistry Equipment.


A Heath-Tech Startup Producing CPRmeter and Other Medical Equipment e.g. Medical Insoles


A Crypto-Currency Exchange Platform which Help Investors Buy and Sell Digital Currencies


An Online Platform Created to Provide Medical Equipment Sales and Purchase Services


The Ultimate Reference for
E-Commerce Entrepreneurs to Grow a Business


Cryptocurrency Mechanism Preventing Fraud by Paying to Vouch for Transaction Legitimacy

Why we do what we do…

Investment Philosophy

At the heart of our investment philosophy lies a profound belief in the transformative power of innovation. As angel investors, we see beyond the mere capital injection; we envision partnerships that transcend funding. Our philosophy is centered on a few core principles:

Collaborative Empowerment

Empowering startups goes beyond monetary investment. We actively collaborate with fellow angel investors, leveraging our collective wisdom, networks, and expertise to provide startups with a holistic support system.

Impactful Growth

Financial returns are just one facet of success. We measure success by the impact we create, the industries we reshape, and the entrepreneurs we empower to become catalysts for change.

Diverse Synergy

Our portfolio is a testament to the diversity of innovation. From cutting-edge hardware solutions to pioneering software platforms, we believe that true progress arises from the synergy of different technologies.

Global Connectivity

While our roots are in Iran, our vision is global. We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between local ingenuity and international markets, enabling startups to expand their horizons and realize their full potential.

Some of the results

Featured Products

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We will be pleased to be in touch with innovative teams, collaborators and potential partners all across the globe. Feel free to email us at info@h-h.technology or via the form below.